Expertise and relationship

Transactions are important contributions to business development and to secure the commercial objectives of and value creation for companies, owners and other stakeholders. Successful projects rely on trust. We strive to contribute to the completion of these objectives through delivery of first-class legal advising, efficient processes and strong relationships.

AGP - a philosophy and vision

Our founders have considerable experience and a long track record from large Tier 1 law firms. In creating AGP, they wanted to create a specialised, agile and forward-looking alternative in a conservative industry. A law firm where all employees are made co-owners.
We believe this philosophy is an essential reason for why we have become Norway's largest specialised law firm within transactions and capital markets.

If you think differently, the results will be better

Challenges are not resolved if you do not have the ability to think outside the box. We strive to identify the most robust structures and mechanisms, even if they require creative thinking. We do not believe that conformity and large systems provide better results for the client.

Nor do we believe that it will result in the better well-being and development for employees over time. Our company is built with focus on the employees and diversity. This will in turn facilitate for knowledge and experience.

The team's ability to handle complex and sophisticated matters is very strong. They offered pure class advisory in complicated issues. I'm impressed.

Chamber's Insight

A slightly better world

The many small choices we make as individuals and as a group matter, and we take them seriously. One of the things we like to think about is that, along with our professionalism, we can facilitate the green shift through consciously exerting a positive influence in the projects we are involved in. That it can have a ripple effect.

Our main focus is on measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, make water consumption more efficient and manage waste responsibly. Equally important is facilitating trust. We are first and foremost human beings and we work best when we feel safe and comfortable together - colleagues and customers alike.

Our membership of the UN Global Compact gives us inspiration and insight to do more and do the right thing. Read more here:

AGP Advokater Communication on Progress 2022.pdf

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